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Mel Leach
 Teacher, Woodstock

"Lauren was my first yoga teacher, and she had me hooked from the start! She was gentle, kind, warm, patient and encouraging from the very beginning. We were a “mature” class of work colleagues, with a cross section of yoga experience ranging from no previous experience (most of us) to being regular participants. This range of ability and experience didn’t phase her at all, she somehow made sure we all got the most out of every class and we all really looked forward to her classes. I found her final relaxation session at the end of every class so soothing that I nearly always drifted gently away…..wonderful! We all felt that we improved over the time we went to the classes, and all developed noticeably better strength, balance and stamina. She always asked how the class had been for each of us, and was happy to adapt if we wished her to. We miss her!"


Kieran Henderson
Commercial Director, Abingdon School Sports Centre

"Lauren was employed by Abingdon School Sports Centre from January to July 2018 and instructed three yoga classes each week. The sports centre originally offered two classes, but quickly added a third after they became so popular. Maximum class numbers were regularly achieved with around 70 attending each week. Lauren's classes were very well structured and conducted in a relaxed manner, with an emphasis on correct technique while offering options for all abilities. Having attended regularly the classes myself, I can verify Lauren is an excellent instructor with a strong affinity with the class and offers individual guidance and support to those who need it. Lauren was a pleasure to work with, always responsive to communication and with a pleasant manner. We were very sorry to see her leave. I would highly recommend Lauren as a yoga instructor."

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Susan Heinink
Retired, Warwickshire ​ 

​"Lauren is a great yoga teacher providing classes at just the right level for the students. She runs the classes perfectly, catering for people’s individual health and ability needs​,​ whilst still challenging the students. She includes a variety of poses that complement each other ensuring that the body is moved just enough in one direction before easing it out with a counter posture. Having returned to yoga after a long gap I have been delighted with Lauren’s classes and my core strength and flexibility have improved immensely."

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Colette​ Bell
Teacher, Warwickshire ​ 

​"I have been practising yoga with Lauren for over a year now. I used to practice several years ago but the teacher left. Then last year I decided I wanted to start again and that was when I found Lauren.​ ​I thoroughly enjoyed my first class, I found her to be​ ​very knowledgeable, professional & caring. She makes​ ​sure everyone gets the attention & help they need to practice & take what they need from the sessions. Lauren ​​also corrects your posture if you are not quite in the right position.  This I found to be very helpful. Since​ ​lock down I have continued to practice with Lauren online and this has also been great. She talks you through every move ​and ​reminds you about your breathing and ​ ​your bandhas! I would definitely recommend Lauren’s  classes whether ​you​'​re a beginner​ ​or a well practiced yogi!​ ​Thank you Lauren for reminding me of my love of Yoga". 


Helen Wallace
Air hostess, Warwickshire

"I have been practicing with Lauren for over a year now. Not only is she a fantastic teacher but a kind, warm, compassionate and giving person. She is what yoga is all about. She has helped me so much with my own journey into yoga teacher training and her support has meant a great deal. Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced yogi, Lauren has modifications for everyone, gently getting the best out of her students.  I could not recommend her as a teacher highly enough. She adapted brilliantly to online classes during the pandemic and I’m excited now as we are looking to return to the studio. Thank you Lauren for being you and being great at what you do."


Jenny & John Armstrong

​"My husband and I have enjoyed yoga sessions with Lauren for over a year now, firstly in person and then over Zoom. We were both new to yoga, but Lauren put us at ease and we have found the classes really beneficial. During lockdown it has been a bright spot in the week and helped us to practice relaxing and breathing techniques. It has also been good for our general health and fitness, particularly balance, which being over 70, is very important. Lauren is patient, encouraging and always professional. Highly recommended!"​


Ela Rocha
Architect, Oxfordshire

"Lauren has reignited my passion for yoga. After a few years break from yoga I was very pleased to start visiting her classes and was very sad to find out about her relocation and departure. Her classes were always very well thought through, with a great sense of natural flow and gentle introduction of new poses and moves. Her very professional and warm manner made the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable. I can confidently say that she is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever met (and I still haven't found an equally great replacement!)".

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Carmel Burke
Teacher, Warwickshire

"I started yoga just over a year ago with Lauren as she was teaching in the church hall close to the school where I teach. The classes are great.  I have experienced both face to face and online with Lauren and both have worked really well.  Lauren immediately puts everyone at ease at the start of the session and provides plenty of options throughout the lesson depending on what you feel you can and cannot do.  Lauren explains everything very clearly and she has a very soothing voice.  I always feel the benefit at the end of the session".


Nazia Chaudri

“I used to have weekly Yoga classes run by Lauren for over a year, I found them to be so good. Her classes really helped with my back pain. She is the best yoga teacher I have had, I was very sad to see Lauren go when she relocated and left Oxford.”

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"I would absolutely echo all of the previous comments about Lauren's yoga classes. I thought that having to go virtual would unavoidably and understandably have a detrimental impact on the face to face classes I had enjoyed attending for some time.  I mean, how could virtual yoga possibly be as good? It is! I attribute this to Lauren's very informative instructions incorporating visual imagery which works for me (especially as I often only have a small screen to view). I like the pace, the variety and the different level options for each pose which ensures the challenge and progress is tailored for the individual. Thank you Lauren".

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"I have been taking yoga classes with Lauren for some time now. I love and look forward to my classes. My yoga technique has definitely improved during this time & I have become much more aware of the all round benefits of yoga, which I am able to put into practice thanks to Lauren".

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"Lauren is a brilliant Yoga teacher. The way she guides us throughout the class is really good, helping us get the most out of the yoga positions. I look forward to my lesson every week and can always feel the benefit afterwards. Lauren holds the best Yoga classes that I have attended and is the best Yoga teacher. I would highly recommend her."

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