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Terms and Conditions for Lauren Barrett Yoga

By booking any class or event with Lauren Barrett Yoga  you are entering into a contract which has the following conditions:

Refunds, missed classes and cancellation of classes

  • There is a 7 day cancellation policy for all bookings. You will be required to pay in full unless we receive an email 7 working days before, stating cancellation. If we can fill the spac​e then a refund will be provided (minus the booking fee)​​​​.

  • If you miss a class during the block we are unable to swap, carry over to the next term, or offer refunds (for any reason). This is to ensure the studio hire costs are covered and make the classes financially viable.

  • If Lauren Barrett Yoga chooses to cancel a class or event then a refund will be provided.

Injuries and health conditions


Lauren Barrett Yoga takes no responsibility for any injuries sustained by participation in yoga and related activities.


It is your responsibility:

  • To inform the teacher of any medical conditions or injuries before starting a class with Lauren Barrett Yoga.

  • To update Lauren Barrett Yoga if there are any changes to your health that may affect your ability to exercise.

  • To observe instructions on technique, safety and performance.

  • To listen to your own body and to skip anything that doesn’t feel right.

  • Not to drink alcohol or take recreational drugs before a class

Please do not exercise if:

  • You are feeling unwell

  • Have a cold or fever

Class time etiquette

  • Please arrive 5 mins early to ensure classes can start on time.

  • If you are late, please enter the classroom after the opening meditation as quietly as possible.

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