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Friendly & welcoming classes where you can find the practice that’s right for you. 

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Weekly Classes

In-person and online classes running weekly, with a variety of styles available. See below for class descriptions and find the perfect practice for you!


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Twice monthly extended workshops which allow you to relax more deeply and find greater stillness of mind. Including a combination of gentle movement, breathwork and yoga nidra.

Yoga at work

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Available in the work place or online. A great way to incorporate some movement and relaxation into your working day, without having to leave the work place!

Class Descriptions...

Something for everyone....find the perfect class for you!

Hatha Flow

​This class combines flowing and static postures that will have a positive impact on your mental, emotional & physical wellbeing. Strong emphasis is placed on breath awareness in synchronisation to movement, as we mindfully flow from one pose to the next. These classes will help improve our strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. We will also encourage the mind to settle, and connect with the present moment by practising breath & body awareness throughout. Always aiming to find the balance between ease & effort, you will walk away not only feeling challenged, but also refreshed & relaxed!​ Hatha Flow Yoga classes are similar to Vinyasa yoga but less dynamic.

Vinyasa Flow

Combining elements of Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga, these classes include a mixture of flowing movements & static postures with strong emphasis placed on breath awareness. Classes are challenging, but still allow time for the student to align themselves and maintain steady breathing throughout. Moving through a sequence of poses linked to the breath, we will improve our strength, flexibility and balance. By focusing on the body and breath throughout, we allow ourselves to slow down and connect with the present moment. ​Vinyasa classes are similar to Hatha Flow but more dynamic. If you are new to yoga please get in touch before booking this class. 

Dynamic Hatha

​A flow style class inspired by the Ashtanga system of yoga. Classes are challenging but accessible and include sun salutations, followed the same set sequence of postures which are repeated each week. Postures are linked to the breath and practised in a continuous flow throughout. During class students are encouraged to gently shift their awareness from an external focus to more of an internal focus throughout. As the sequence is repeated, this enables students to have more of an embodied experience as they are able to develop their breath awareness and more easily connect mind, body and breath together (as opposed to having to listen to what is coming next in the sequence). This way of practising also increases self awareness and helps to develops concentration. It can also bring about a stillness to the mind as focus and concentration continue to develop.

Beginners Course 

Perfect for complete beginners, as well as those looking to return to practice after a break. This course will help give you a taste of what yoga is all about in a friendly and relaxed environment. Held in a small group setting with a maximum of six students, we will cover the basics of yoga, including sun salutations, yoga postures, breathwork and relaxation. No previous experience required. However, please note you should be able to get on and off the floor easily.

Beginners & Beyond

A relaxed and slow paced class which covers the basics of​ Hatha yoga. Accessible to all, this class is ideal if you are new to yoga, returning to practice after a break, or if you simply prefer a less dynamic approach. It is also a great next step if you have completed one of our 'Yoga for Beginners 6 wee​k ​courses'. Classes include​ sun salutations, postures for strength and flexibility, as well as breathing​ techniques for relaxation and peace of mind.

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