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Move • Breathe • Relax


Friendly & welcoming classes where you can find

the practice that’s right for you! 

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My teaching is influenced by the different styles of yoga I have practised over the years, and combines elements of Vinyasa, Dynamic Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. Classes are challenging but accessible, and I will guide and support you to find a way of practising that works for you. 

What  to Expect

Mindful Movement

As well as being challenged physically, my classes encourage and allow you to slow down from the busyness of everyday life. We do this together by exploring breath-work, meditation, and relaxation as well as movement.

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Get into the Flow

A typical class includes flowing mindfully from one pose to the next and will challenge your strength, balance and coordination. By focusing our attention on the breath throughout, we encourage the mind to quieten and allow ourselves to connect to the present moment.


All classes include Asana (yoga postures) and movements that help you feel good in both body & mind! Some classes are physically challenging, and others have a slower, more gentle pace. There is always a combination of movement and stillness, and I encourage you to view the practice as a moving meditation (even if it does feel challenging at times)!


Without the breath there is no yoga! Therefore, all classes include simple breathing techniques that can have a positive impact on our lives. We always link movement with breath, as well as focus on our breathing whilst holding the postures. In addition to this, classes may finish with additional breathing techniques to provide further mental & physical benefits.


Yoga is a well-being practice that benefits us mentally, emotionally & physically. By moving with awareness we allow ourselves to connect with the present moment, and provide ourselves with a well deserved rest for the mind. Yoga nidra, mindfulness & visualisation techniques are often included to promote further relaxation at the end of the class.

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